Finding a WellsTrade Promo Code is Tough When Investing with Wells Fargo

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If you are looking for promotions for WellsTrade by Wells Fargo bank you are going to have a serious challenge in front of you. Extensive searching pulled up nothing more current then 3 years ago. This isn’t to say that promos don’t exist, they just aren’t going to be easy to access. It took a while, but one current offer did turn up. The other promotional offers, which were expired, were in line with those promoted by other firms: discounted fees, cash back and so forth.

Reviews of this online investment firm are generally positive, although high trade fees are cited on several websites. The advantages of using WellsTrade are best for individuals who already bank with Wells Fargo.

One Promotion Is Available

At this time the only viable promotion that is to be found for WellsTrade is available to those who sign up for the Wells Fargo PMA package. In order to qualify for PMA, you must have a combined relationship with the bank of $25,000. A credit card balance, 10% of your mortgage, cash in the checking account or money in the WellsTrade account all qualify. Once you are a PMA customer, then you receive 100 free online trades annually, waived fees and priority customer services. Details of the package, which must be linked to a Wells Fargo account are available online and at branch offices.

Stopping In for Promotions

One of the ways to find out if there are any ongoing promotions is to stop by your local Wells Fargo bank. The availability of branches is one of the advantages of investing with WellsTrade. Presumably an investor would be able to find help and information about trading at any location. Branches of Wells Fargo banks are located all over the country and any one of them should be ready to assist an investor. This is unusual in the online investing market, and could be a real boon to someone new to the stock market.

Like any other online brokerage, WellsTrade offers several tools for analyzing and selecting stocks, bonds and other investments. Customers can link their IRAs or other retirement accounts to their trading account and keep track of everything in one place. Wells Fargo also offers many other types of accounts, potentially offering a “one stop shopping” approach to all of your financial needs.

Finding the latest promotions may take a bit more work with WellsTrade due to the minimal number of coupon codes made available. If you are determined to invest with this company, though, keeping an eye on the web, dropping into the branch and asking for a promotion and opening an account should increase your odds of finding a good promotional deal.

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