My Chick-Fil-A Cow is Turning a Profit

by David Ning · 4 comments

free chicken sandwichIt’s funny because my colleague laughed at me when I was enthusiastically talking about my free sandwich every Thursday. She said that with the money we make, we can afford a sandwich.

Interestingly, she also buys a cup of Starbucks every morning and a bottle of diet coke every afternoon. The other interesting fact is that she semi-retired after years of earning very good salaries/commissions. I bet that if she didn’t buy coffee and sodas diligently everyday for years, she could’ve fully retired (she admitted that the reason why she didn’t retire was because she didn’t have enough money to do so).

The moral of the story is that being frugal has nothing to do with how much we make. Our assets are accumulated with how much we can add to our net worth and not how much our income is. The more ways we can find to save money, the better chances we give ourselves to retire rich. Everything starts small and today is the day to start.

For those that are wondering about the math, I bought the cow for $4.99 and I just got my second free sandwich this Thursday. With each sandwich being $2.55, I have turned a profit (I got a ride there both times so no transportation cost.). With a free sandwich every single week, my cow is giving the Nintendo Wii a run for the best investment of the year. 🙂

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  • J.C. Carvill says:


    I strongly agree on that “bulk” purchase policy things.
    So far such policy has provided me both focus for the present & also for the future.
    With bulk purchase, we get more for less money..
    More money & also diet coke for the present and also for the future 🙂

    J.C. Carvill

  • Douglas Karr says:

    Skipping my cup of coffee (I’m at the coffee shop right now) would have stopped me from chatting with my Barista, Cassy, and helping her through a tough time she’s having with her Grandmother in the hospital. I guess I could have saved the $5 my coffee and tip cost and stayed home… but that’s not how I want to live.

    I think we equate money with happiness in this world far too much. And people die rich and miserable because of it. Having money is important, but having friends, family and memories are worth much more.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Shadox: It’s true that there are many things in life worth the money but I would say that buying a bottle from the vending machine everyday isn’t one of them. She could buy in bulk, or make something else to substitute.

    The “living ONLY for the future” comment is so true… I think many of us fall under that trap.

  • Shadox says:

    yeeeees… but some small pleasures in life are worth spending money on. Seriously. If you enjoy that Diet Coke in the afternoon, just buy it.

    The trick is moderation and prudence. Don’t go over board with spending and don’t become a tight fisted miser. Living ONLY for the future, is just as bad as living only for the present.

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