Crowne Plaza Promoitonal Coupons, Promotions Save You Money

Heading off on a business or personal trip? Are you planning a stay at the Crowne Plaza? Even in the light of the economic turnaround, you and consumers like you are still looking for promotions to save a buck where and when they can. Fortunately, the Crowne Plaza is one of the hotel chains that offers you promotional opportunities to stay in one of the hotel locations and save money while doing it.

Promotions that Fit Your Travel Needs

The Crowne Plaza offers a couple of different levels of coupons and promotion codes. The different coupons allow you to choose the type of savings that best fits your travel needs and, most of all, your budget. Promotional savings primarily range from as low as five percent off your stay up to 20 percent savings on your stay.

You should note that the promo codes allow you to save on the room rate. The coupon savings do not extend to the taxes and fees that hotels charge for the renting of a room.

The Crowne Plaza offers savings for both domestic and international stays. If you are planning a trip out of the country, this does not preclude you from staying and saving at the Crowne Plaza. For example, one of the promo codes allows you to save 15 percent off an online booking at an Australian or New Zealand location of a Crowne Plaza hotel.

If you book 21 days or more in advance, Crowne Plaza is also having a promotion where you will also get at least 20% off your stay. So if you are already set on where you are going on your vacation, you might as well book early.

As the summer season turns into fall, Crowne Plaza also tends to run a back to school special. With the back to school savings coupon, you can book and save on a stay during September or even late August. This is especially nice if you are planning a last family vacation before it’s time for the kids to get back into their routine. This particular savings coupon allows you to deduct a 20% off the room rate.

All of the Crowne Plaza hotel coupons have certain limitations. One limitation that none of them seem to have is a limitation on the number of nights. So, whether you plan a one-night stay or plan to stay for a week, you seem to be able to save up to 20 percent off of your total hotel room stay.

Some hotels offer a ‘stay two nights get one free’ coupon. Crowne Plaza does not seem to be one of these hotels. As part of the Holiday Inn family, you should also look for Holiday Inn coupons because some of these online promotional coupons also apply to the Crowne Plaza and other hotels that are part of the same family.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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