Carbonite Backs You Up with Promotional Savings

We rely heavily on electronic files and documents these days. Even our pictures tend to be digital, especially with the advanced use of digital cameras over traditional film cameras. Since our lives have become so electronically dependent, it necessitates a service that backs up all of our data, so that if our computer goes down, our entire life does not go with it.
Combine our digital lives with the need to cut back on expenses and save money, and you can quickly see how we have become a promotion obsessed nation. While technology tends to make our lives easier, coupons tend to be easier on our wallets.

Backup Your Data with Carbonite

Carbonite is one of the online services that allows you to back up all of your data, files, pictures and more online. Whether it is your personal data or the data you use for your business, it is information you depend on. You want a reliable service that cherishes this data and protects it as much as you do.

Carbonite does offer a few coupons and special promo codes you can enter during the checkout process. Because it is a straight forward service, it has three service plans from which you can choose. Because it only offers one service, data backup services, the company also only offers a few ways for you to save. Specifically, Carbonite only offers a percentage off coupon on the total of the services purchased.

For example, one of the online coupon codes allows you to take Carbonite on a test drive. The promotional free trial coupon gives you a 15-day period to see how Carbonite works. At the point when the trial period ends, you can then decide which service package best suits your needs.

The maximum amount of savings that Carbonite tends to offer by way of an online coupon is 10% off. As of 2011, the service plans start as low as $59 and only go up to $139. Since the package prices are relatively inexpensive, Carbonite does not tend to offer a huge coupon for savings. The only difference in the service levels is the number of years you opt for the backup service.

The least expensive level backs up your computer for a one-year period. The mid-grade package covers you for two years. The biggest and most expensive level covers you for three years. In addition to the coupon, the more years you lock in the service, the more you save on a per-year basis.

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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