AT&T Coupon Code, Promo Deals Updated Apr 2018

1. $65 AT&T Double Play Bundle Promotion

get att dealAT&T Coupon for DIRECTV Select + Internet All Included with a $350 Promotion Card

  • Only $65 a Month for 24 Months
  • 2 Year Term and AT&T AutoPay Signup Required for $5 Discount
  • Monthly Equipment and HD DVR Service Fees Waived for 2 Rooms
  • Get a $350 Promotion Card Too with Signup
  • Get HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime for 3 Months Free
  • Don’t Even Need to Type Out a Coupon Code
  • Installation Included Plus a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Click Here to Learn More About the Double Pack AT&T Bundle

If there are any AT&T or AT&T DIRECTV coupon codes available, then we will list them out here. But the truth is that AT&T has not promoted a coupon code for signing up their service in years other than offering movies coupon codes. The good news, though, is that the company still advertises the same amazing deals online without the need to enter any cumbersome and cryptic codes. Plus, you can now get promotion cards worth up to $150 on qualifying bundles when you sign up. They can afford to do this because AT&T is in essence passing on part of the commission they pay a salesperson to you. If you are looking for a new cable TV, high speed internet, or home phone service and want to research the best AT&T promotions out there today, then you found the right place since this AT&T promo page will continually be updated with the latest coupons, deals and promotions. In fact, the offers were updated in April 2018 so these are current offers.

A promotion that’s interesting right now is the current triple play promo, because you can get a promotion card when you sign up for the offer. This free $50 promotion card is like getting a discounted rate every month. And plus, you’ll be getting the promotion card way before you’ll have to pay for the future services too.

Enough of me talking though, and let’s get straight to the AT&T coupons.

Aside from the AT&T DSL promotions, there are AT&T Wireless discounts listed towards the bottom of the page too. If you came for cell phone deals, then scroll down for those. Also, There are some U-verse coupon codes AT&T specifically offers for its movie selection, which we list on this page as well.

AT&T Promotional Deals Details

There are quite a few promos available right now for cash back and discounts. These are a list of a few of them, so click through any of the ones below to read more and to sign up.

2. $40 AT&T Internet Promotion

get att dealAT&T Internet (Up to 50Mbps) Promo with a $50 Promotion Card

  • Only $40 a Month for 24 Months
  • No Need to Type in a Coupon Code for This Deal
  • Extremely Fast Internet Speeds at Up to 50 Mbps
  • Comes with a Free Wifi Gateway Router
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Click Here to Learn More About the AT&T Internet

3. $35 AT&T DIRECTV Promotion

get att dealAT&T Promo for DIRECTV Select All Included

  • Get a $300 Reward Card When You Sign Up
  • Only $35 a Month and Price Locked for 24 Months
  • 2 Year Term and AT&T AutoPay Signup Required
  • Customer Will Pay $40 a Month Until $5 Autopay Credit Starts
  • No Coupon Code Necessary

Click Here to Learn More About the DirecTV Select Deal

Below are More of the AT&T U-verse Promotions

AT&T Wireless Promotions

Bonus Coupon Tip: Click here to find out how to set up Google Alerts to automatically alert you whenever there is a new coupon code available for a specific company.

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  • keith says:

    I am getting ready to sign up for the triple play w/u450 on 4 tv’s. How do I get the extra $400.00 in gift cards?

  • Charles says:

    I just used this AT&T Coupon Code and it doesn’t give you $25 off your order but entitles you to a $25 promotional gift card– still a free $25, works for me!

    $25.oo promotional Visa gift card – type EXTRAGIFT (all caps) in the coupon code box.

  • Frank Voltoline says:

    How do I get my Starz $25.00 coupon that the salesman said I would get with we baught our package?

  • alex says:

    Free Coupons and other deals for AT&T ‘s U-Verse Nationwide USA

  • Fred Scwartz says:

    $25.oo off – type EXTRAGIFT (all caps) in the coupon code box.

  • Jeffrey Krier says:

    Wow how do you get a AT&T uverse coupon code for uverse u200?

  • Di says:

    Had a somewhat similar experience to Kal W. I spoke to a sales rep on Sat; he was offering me a deal for $25 off for 6 months but I told him I would shop around and get back to him for sure if I decided to sign-up. I took his number and name.
    On Wed, I initiated an order on the web to see what was out there. In addition to the $25 off for 6mo, they were offering $100 back. So I called up the rep to run this deal by him; I wanted to find out if he could offer me the same deal and still have an opportunity to make some commission. I left him a voicemail. He did not call back.
    On Thursday, today, I was ready to make the purchase and instead of $100 off, I am only getting $50 cash back. The rep that I contacted via their chat feature was not helpful. He copied and pasted a whole bunch of Uverse features for me to read; his advive to me: in order to get an additional $50 back, sign up for a different product. Problem is that product (which I don’t need) costs $28/mo extra. Hello!
    I will sit tight and wait. I don’t have to have Uverse now.
    Moral of the story: Good Intentions Do Not Always Make for Good Results.

  • Kal W says:

    10 days ago, a rep from ATT came to my door. In an unusual move for me, I allowed him in and discussed U-Verse with him. I didn’t want to sign up right then, but after he left I looked everything over on-line and was ready to order. I was getting TV and Internet.

    The package I selected was $25/month off for 6 months, $250 cash back, and free additional boxes for 2 months. I didn’t have time until the following morning, and when I got ready to order, the $250 cash back had changed to $125 cash back, despite the sales rep telling me the price would not change. I tried to email and get info on chat. It took about 5 attempts to basically learn nothing on the chat feature. Several days went by as I was doing this.

    This morning I decided to try again. Guess what? The free boxes for 2 months, in my case $21/month was no longer offered. Basically, the price has increased for what I want $166 in the past 8 days. Should I wait and see what happenes next week or what?!?!?

  • hans says:

    I am also looking for the best coupon code for TV/Internet. I would consider bundling a home phone/mobile phone too, but not a necessity. I am interested in the U200 package and at least max plus or max turbo internet speed. Thanks!

  • liz says:

    I an interested in the U-verse code for the U200 package with internet.
    Thank you! Happy New Year!!!!!! ;)))))Liz

  • Elaine says:

    Hello, looking for AT&T TV and internet bundle coupon code, thanks!

  • GregW says:

    I am interested in the coupon codes for the uverse internet/TV/phone packages.


  • Minh-Duc Le says:

    I need a promotion code. Send it to me so I can continue with att.

  • Ryan S. says:

    Hi, please send me a code for AT&T Uverse for TV and Internet too. Thank you!

  • Russell S. says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could please send me a At&t Uverse coupon code for a TV and Internet package, if there is one? I thank you very much in advance.

  • GaBill says:

    Is there a code for Phone and Internet U-Verse services at < $70. a month? Phone is called "Complete Choice Enhanced". DSL Internet at 12mb speed. Equipment is a wireless gateway, which I understand the cost is $100, however there should be a $100 rebate which brings equipment cost to $0.00.


  • Barbie says:

    I’d love to get a code for internet and tv. Thanks!

  • Teresa says:

    Where are the codes? I need for stand alone tv only


  • adrienne rhodes says:

    can you please send me a coupon code for internet, tv, internet bundle..Thanks

  • Reed says:

    I’m looking at the At&t Uverse and Internet double pack. Could you please send me the coupon code, Thanx!

  • Katy S says:

    I am looking for current promotional codes for existing customers. I currently bundle Uverse cable, internet and my mobile phone. Thanks!

  • Michael Schmidt says:

    I would like to get a coupon code for Internet and TV bundle. Thanks!

  • john czech says:

    I am very interested in signing up with AT&T for triple package. I would like any coupon codes to relate to TV/PHONE/INTERNET offer comb0

  • Jim Malovrh says:

    I am looking for any promo codes you may have for an existing AT&T Bundled Member. I have been a reliable customer over the years and an looking for my Christmas present from AT&T this year. Thanks!

  • Damian Evans says:

    I would like a promo code as well

  • shannon says:

    I would like the promo code as well

  • donna says:

    How can I get a U verse promo code?

  • Carlos says:

    I’m switching today to U-Verse! Can you send me a coupon code for the U300 + Pro package?

  • Robert Gerdes says:

    I am currently a sprint user but am going to switch to AT&T the first of the year. I did go to the store and got some quotes. I am looking to switch the following to AT&T: Internet wireless to 24 (currently have wifi with at&t 6), Uverse TV either 200 or 300. I will need two DVR’s. I am also going to buy two Iphone 4 with the 1400 minute package shared. I got quotes ranging from 265$ to 285$ per month for all services. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, cost savings, coupons? The phones alone will cost 500$. Many Thanks, Robert

  • Nancy says:

    Please send me the promo code for the best deal possible for U100, internet, unlimited home phone. looking for a 12 month deal…..please send asap. Looking forward to the switch.

  • Simon Wong says:

    Please send me any current promo codes for a TV- internet-voice bundle. Thanks!

  • Melissa Griffith says:

    Please send me any current promo codes for discounts for existing customers with AT&T U-verse and wireless. I currently have U-verse TV, internet, and voice and wireless for my iPhone. Thanks!

  • Rose says:

    I have Uverse Tv home phone + Internet but my bill is over my budget, Am I able to get any promotions.

  • Don says:

    Please send me the best deal possible for AT&T U-Verse TV + Internet deal or promotion code. I am looking for the U-100, U-200 or U-family package good for a year or more.

  • Julie Coburn says:

    I need the best deal possible for AT&T U-Verse triple bundle package. Any codes available would be appreciated! Thanks.

  • gilbert tellado says:

    2 years ago, I signed up for at&t dsl, and got a free wireless gateway, any codes for that again as I gave mine away for free, when I switched to cable.

  • Ola Atchison says:

    Please send me uverse coupons as well thanks!!

  • John Czajka says:

    Sign me up through your best AT&T uverse coupon for DSL please. Email me instructions afterwards.

  • Paul Kasperbauer says:

    Please send me the promo codes for uverse and the Internet.
    Thank you!!!

  • Timothy Pacelli says:

    I only want the AT&T DSL promotion code please. Thanks for sending it to me in advance!

  • Jodi Cearley says:

    Please send me some AT&T promo codes for internet. Oh and to the previous poster, I heard AT&T DSL is quite a bit better than the crap wireless service.

  • Ryan Wayne says:

    Is AT&T service as good as the wireless ones? I mean, the AT&T promotions seems awesome right now at $14.95 for high speed internet but if there are problems, I don’t want it.

  • Eddy Turkaly says:

    Give me an att promo code for its internet. I see a deal for $14.95 which seems great but if there are any promotion codes for a better price, it would be even better obviously!

  • Deb says:

    I need an actual code to put in on the order. Are they any that aren’t just a click thru?

  • Rahul says:

    Please send me ATT Uverse coupons. I would like to take internet + TV package in the new place where i’m moving.

  • Brenda B says:

    I am interested in an AT&T U-verse coupon code for TV and internet. Are their any available?

  • Kate Emig says:

    Are there any AT&T uverse promotion codes worth looking at? I’m on the fence between u verse and just cable and any promotions on top of the standard ones on the website would be great.

  • Ray says:

    If there are any discount or promotional codes for uverse please do email them to me.
    Thank you

  • Kyle O'Connor says:

    Are there any AT&T DSL promotion codes worth using? If so, please send them to me.

  • Yael Lin says:

    Can someone help me out by sending me the AT&T uverse tv promotion code with internet package?

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